1. New Shoes

About The Song…
♫♫ Dedicated to our parents and the lifelong dance they have shown my siblings and I over the years…Mike and I
have been playing this one since around 1986 with The Court, our first band. Along with holes in our jeans and
sneakers we wouldn’t part with, my brothers and I had long hair in our teens. Naturally, our parents would complain.
So, I decided to keep the dialogue alive by singing about it. This was my first stab at a Dixieland number that the
Great Whatever® turned into a Rock-n-Roll shuffle tune. My parents used to dance to this song at our live shows
which became the inspiration for the video (special thanks to Marc and The Steel City Swingers!). It’s been a staple
at pretty much every one of our live shows. This is one of the tunes that was interrupted by raccoons coming through the studio ceiling! To my brother Joe, this is probably the best take we cut live as a band in that incarnation of DMCGW. I love Mike’s drumming and the interplay between Joe’s guitar and the harmonica! ”Gotta buy a new, a new pair of shoes” was Marc’s suggestion for some of the taglines. All great things to you as you step out in a pair of new shoes!

Mike McAvoy: Drums
Joe McAvoy: Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitars
Marc Arot: Electric Bass Guitar
Ken Battista: Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Don McAvoy: Harmonica, Vocals, Scratchy Record Effects and Electric Rhythm Guitars
Basic tracks recorded at: The Music Collective, Collegeville, PA - Engineer: Paul Brown
Overdubs recorded at: Red Phone Studios, Norristown, PA - Engineer: Rob Vigg
Mixed by: Joe Mattis, Slugfest Studios, Pottstown, PA and Don McAvoy in consultation with Joe McAvoy, Mike
McAvoy, Marc Arot and Jim Walsh
Produced by: Don McAvoy and Joe McAvoy
Mastered by: Tom Volpicelli, The Mastering House Inc., Pottstown, PA

©1987, Don McAvoy
Published by McAvoy Music Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)
Administered by The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
Lyrics printed by permission. All rights reserved.
The video of this song is available on www.dmcgw.com,
YouTube and Facebook.com/dmcgw


Well I tell my mama
There ain't nothing that fits
Like an old pair of sneakers
Or the jeans on my hips

She says "Son, the days are changing,
You've gotta change your ways...
Gotta buy a new, a new pair of shoes."
Well, all right…

Well, then I say "Hey Mama,
Imagine what I can do
With all this excitement
Just a lighting my fuse?"

“For the days are changing,
You've gotta change your ways...
Gotta find and fit, a new pair of shoes."
Well, all right…