About The Song…
♫♫ Go to a rooftop, take in the scenery, put down a blanket, drink some wine, have great conversations, and hope for many more times of the like… Do you know the feeling?

Mike McAvoy: Drums
Joe McAvoy: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Swell Guitar, Background and Harmony Vocals
Marc Arot: Bass Guitar, High picking Bass
Don McAvoy: Lead, Harmony, Background Vocals, Electric Rhythm Guitars, Nylon String Guitar, Vibraslap, Keyboard Vocal Effects
Jim Walsh: Rhythm Guitar Overdubs
Joe Mattis: Cowbell, African Drum, Tambourine, Shakers, Wood Block
Basic tracks recorded at: The Music Collective, Collegeville, PA - Engineer: Paul Brown
Overdubs recorded at: Red Phone Studios - Engineer: Rob Vigg and Slugfest Studios, Pottstown, PA – Engineer: Joe Mattis
Mixed by: Joe Mattis and Don McAvoy in consultation with Joe McAvoy, Mike McAvoy, Marc Arot and Jim Walsh
Produced by: Don and Joe McAvoy
Mastered by: Tom Volpicelli, The Mastering House Inc., Pottstown, PA

© 1992, Don McAvoy
Published by McAvoy Music Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)
Administered by The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
Lyrics printed by permission. All rights reserved.


La le la de laaa da da
La le la de la la la da da
La le da de laaa da da
La le da le la la la da da

Ooh, I know the feeling
When I want to hold you
Ooh, I know that feeling
When I want to touch you
And, now I've got that feeling, babe
Do you feel it too?


Ooh, I know the feeling
Of being loved
And, ooh, I know the feeling
It's what we all want
And now I've got that feeling, babe
Oh, do you feel it too?