About The Song…
♫♫♫♫ …Wrote the first part of this one in my last year of college, while waiting for my time to play at The Grape Street Pub in Manayunk, PA. Finished this a year later, when I decided that the tempted would be honorable and wouldn’t go astray…One of my favorites to play live

Mike McAvoy: Drums
Joe McAvoy: Lead, Harmony and Rhythm Guitars, Harmony and Backing Vocals
Marc Arot: Electric Bass Guitar
Joe Mattis: Tambourine, Bass Drum, Shakers
Don McAvoy: Vocals, Keyboards and Electric Rhythm Guitars
Rob Vigg: Tambourine
Basic tracks recorded at: The Music Collective, Collegeville, PA -Engineer: Paul Brown
Overdubs by: Red Phone Studios - Engineer: Rob Vigg, Norristown, PA and Slugfest Studios, Pottstown, PA –Engineer: Joe Mattis
Mixed by: Joe Mattis and Don McAvoy at Slugfest Studios, Pottstown, PA in consultation with Joe McAvoy, Mike McAvoy, Marc Arot and Jim Walsh
Produced by: Don McAvoy and Joe McAvoy
Mastered by: Tom Volpicelli, The Mastering House Inc., Pottstown, PA

©1990, Don McAvoy
Published by McAvoy Music Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)
Administered by The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
Lyrics printed by permission. All rights reserved.


Well, you're a sweet, little one - With your face shining like the sun
T-T-Tell me "pretty mama" - What do you see in me?
Well, I'm glad we've had our fun - But I'm afraid that we're all done
You shouldn't have any trouble finding someone

If only we had met sooner - Some of this may have worked out
If only we had met sooner - I might be loving you some how
If only we had met sooner - I might be loving you right now
But, I’m afraid; you’re too late - Because I found the perfect mate

You see I've got this little fire, - Who says I'm not for hire,
You shouldn’t mistake lust for love's sake –
And it's true life lives for desire
But no, I'm no liar -One dose of affection might be too many


La de da de da da, La de da de da da