1. Hometown Hero

From the recording Hometown Hero

About The Song…♫♫ This is the first tune I wrote on the 10-String Puerto Rican Cuatro. This one was written to honor and thank Mark for his very important impact on my life, of which I can’t forget and am eternally grateful. He was/is such a great example to so many and lives on in all of our hearts and memories! Perhaps by Divine intervention, during the recording of this one, my father handed me a cassette, with my brother Mike interviewing Mr. Melvin for a college project. (Thank you, Mike & Dad!) I thought it would be so great to be able to feature Mark’s dad’s voice (posthumously) on a song about his son. And I felt it only appropriate that Mark’s father should have the last words…Modestly, I love the fragility, accessibility and vulnerability of this song and I thank Marc, John, Ryan, Mike and Jim for all of their time and talent in helping me bring this one to fruition. A very special thanks to my mom, Katherine “Special Kay” McAvoy for encouraging me to send the song’s lyrics to Mark some years back. Special thanks #2 goes to Ryan Kelly for all of his patience and tirelessness in crafting this one with me and trying to capture the vocals/instrumentation to resemble the different periods of time that Mark and I went through.
We also sing this one to honor other hometown heroes such as (but not limited to) police, fire, military and emergency personnel, clergy, teachers and single parents… Thank your hometown heroes; it may be something that they really need to hear during their evolving journey…dmc

“Hometown Hero”  features the talents of:
Don McAvoy (Acoustic 10-String Puerto Rican Cuatro, Electric 10-String Lead Puerto Rican Cuatro, Lead Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Keyboards, Xylophone, Hammered Zither (from late 1800s), selection of Mr. Melvin cassette samples and Chimes )
Marc Arot (Electric Bass Guitar and Harmony Vocals)
Mike McAvoy (Drums (Brushes and Sticks))
John Ginty (Acoustic Bagpipes and Electric Bagpipes)
Ryan Kelly (Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar and Harmony Vocals)
Jim Walsh (Electric Guitar and Harmony Vocals)
Bill Melvin (Interview commentary from cassette - circa early 90s)
“Hometown Hero”   was recorded at On The Way To Emmaus Studios in Collegeville, PA
Engineer:  Ryan Kelly
Mixed By:  Ryan Kelly and Don McAvoy in consultation with Marc Arot and Mike McAvoy
Produced By:  Don McAvoy


"Hometown Hero"Performed by Don McAvoy & The Great Whatever®© 2014, Don McAvoy(P) 2019, McAvoy Music Productions, Inc.Published by McAvoy Music Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)610-454-9871Administered by The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.Lyrics printed by permission. All rights reserved.Dedicated to Mark “Mooch” Melvin
Mr. Melvin states: “Came from County Mayo Ireland – Came from Pennburgh Scotland”
V1 Protected me when I was a kid
Well, even when I was to blame
Maybe, but not really
Maybe some of life is just a game
I wore your hand-me-downs
It always made me so proud
To wear your winning number
For once I wasn’t a clown (To Chorus)
CHR. Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
Hometown friend of mine
You’ll always be a winner to me
Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
Hometown friend of mine
You’ll always be a hero to me
Mr. Melvin states: “Where Mark, he liked to play the ball…”
V2 The years met with “Mark”ed success
And quite deservedly so
The soccer man’s kick
Fast pitcher man’s throw
You remember where you came from
A helping hand for everyone
You’re the talk of the town, Good ‘ol “Mooch”
Hear our cheers and give Ginny a smooch (You’re a …To Chorus)
V3 Indeed, “Life Is A Song”
You never stop singing along
Even when life throws you a curve
Or kicks you right in the shins
You never stop being a friend
Or lose your classic grin
Your example is your legacy
Of which, we’re forever in debt (To Chorus)
Mr. Melvin states: “And it was something, that you, you seen what you did and it was constructive and you accomplished something when it was done.”