About The Song…
♪ This one came to me while working for Collectables Records. The whole thing came in less than a half-hour. Modestly, I like how raw and energetic the recording came out. I’m happy to report that this is our first song to be featured in a movie: “Rubbernecking (aka Accidents Don’t Happen)”. This one was almost completely cut live. Perhaps our grittiest song.

Joe McAvoy: Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
Mike McAvoy: Drums and Backing Vocals
Marc Arot: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Don McAvoy: Electric Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
Recorded at: The Fabric Emporium, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA -Engineer: Gordon Rice
Initially mixed by Gordon Rice at The Fabric Emporium, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA and Marc Arot, Joe McAvoy, Mike McAvoy and Don McAvoy
Mixed for this album at Digital Dog Studios, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA by Joe Stout and Don McAvoy in consultation with Joe McAvoy
Produced by: Don and Joe McAvoy
Mastered by: Tom Volpicelli, The Mastering House Inc., Pottstown, PA

©1999, Don McAvoy
Published by McAvoy Music Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)
Administered by The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
Lyrics printed with permission. All rights reserved.


Left the house in plenty of time, but now I’m stuck
Thought I’d understand life by now, wheels in a rut
Followed the signs to avoid the lines - got a road blocked mind
Take another road or exit, see what’s further down the line

I’m caught in traffic (traffic!)
No music on the radio
Getting static (static!)
Emotions going crazy
Caught in traffic (traffic!)
I’m getting nowhere fast
I’m caught in traffic (traffic!)
Cars overheating
I’m caught in traffic (traffic)
Traffic jammed in my mind
Traffic jammed in my heart
Traffic jammed in front of me
Traffic all the time

This too shall pass but no, no, no, no, not fast enough
I’m running out of gas, my memories won’t rust
Things happen for a reason; in this season I’m needin’
To accelerate past the point of where I’ve been


Love (love...), how could you do this to me (do this to me...)
another time around (around…)
Oh, life (oh, life…), how could you do this to me (do this to me...)
when you lead me down this road (road...)